Steven and Candace Faulkner
Steven and Candace FaulknerLead Advocates for Educators
Steven and Candace are the creators of the Rewards of Honor initiative. Their passion is improving lives, transforming society and helping companies achieve significant bottom line results by doing good. In Steven’s free time, he also heads The Transformation Agency, a boutique marketing and advertising firm in Oklahoma City.
Garron Rose
Garron RoseCo-founder and teacher advocate
Rewards of Honor exists to support the teachers and staff who are beating the odds to make a difference one child at a time. When such an important role feels marginalized, it’s hard to keep the fire of motivation burning. By working and helping to encourage Oklahoma teachers, we believe that we are making a lasting difference for Oklahoma. This is an effort worth fighting for.
Our mission is to bring resources, recognition and honor in extraordinary ways to thank, reinvigorate and transform the lives of our educators who do so much for our children.
We believe that generosity is the most powerful force in society to transform lives and reshape culture. Generosity awakens the conscience like nothing else and transforms everything it touches. Therefore, acts of extreme and extraordinary generosity are the hallmark of everything we aspire to be and do.
The most compelling benefit any state could possibly offer to woo new industry is superior schools.  Oklahoma is the best place in the nation to raise a family. We have the finest people in the world. Our low cost of living is second to none. Should we catch the vision to create the nation’s finest public school system, nothing could stop the rush of new industry, investment, people and prosperity into Oklahoma.