After nearly 10 months in development, we’re finally unveiling the Rewards of Honor web site and program! The goal is to offer $10,000 per year of free goods and services to every full-time MidDel educators – and then to do the same for all of Oklahoma’s school districts statewide. We’re beginning the program with 12 companies who are providing MidDel educators with everything from free oil changes, to free food and drink, to free entertainment options, to free salon services and more – all to reward and honor our educators for what they do for our children. We expect the program to expand many times over, to feature hundreds of companies all over the state who want to join the cause of lifting up public education. Our children deserve this – and strengthening our schools and educators is the key that will unlock unprecedented new prosperity for Oklahoma.

Steven Faulkner, creator of the Rewards of Honor programs says, “We couldn’t be more thrilled for the opportunity to give back to the men and women who do so much for our children through our schools. This has really been a labor of love for us. To Dr. Pam Deering, Rick Mendenhall, Stacey Boyer and all of the MidDel educators who have made this possible, we look forward with ridiculous excitement to all the ways we can come alongside to touch the lives of your incredible team and all the children you serve. To the businesses who have joined along with us, we cannot thank you enough for your love for educators and your willingness to step out with us to do something historic to lift public education. And, to the hundreds of districts throughout Oklahoma and the tens of thousands of educators we long to make a difference for…GET READY! Great things are about to come!”